Peter Wolframm was born at 04 November 1968 in Zary, Poland, former Sorau (Upper Silesia). His German grandparents and so his mother decided during the war of 1945 to remain in their homes, to compete not to flee to the West. Only after her grandparents died Peters were a single mother and he, in the hands of their German citizenship, and some few minor, 1985 her flight to Germany to escape the constraints of communism. But even in Germany, continued its odyssey continues. Peter discover his creative side, wanted to study art. This was denied him, but because they saw the agents could not afford to.

Nevertheless, drew and sketched Peter in every spare hour. Again and again reported he and his "artist portfolio" from gallery to gallery, without success can be. He then decided in 1990 to train as a graphic artist and sign maker and worked for nine years in this industry. In these nine years he met his buddy and friend Peter Smolka. They realized quite soon that it will work great joy prepared together and paint. So it happened that the first success is possible. In the context of small exhibits her paintings were sold for the first time. Well actually interested in some galleries, for their work. The "Guldenstern duo was formed.

Since 1999, they were from a large German gallery exclusively and successfully represented. They embody for 10 years the epitome of the "Young German Pop Art": The "Guldenstern duo". In the following years, their works, among others, renowned art collector, to companies such as the MGM studios in Hollywood, curators at various world-renowned museums, but most were sold to fans who liked the exceptional work of the duo simply. Another passion of Peter Wolframm is the music. As bassist for the group "Fern Gully" are 2 CDs included and was very proud of Peter, as he could for the first time to see the music video for the band Viva. The music is very closely connected with his art. Peter has always dreamed of his big solo project. He himself now dubbed his art as "Rock Art". After 10 years as an "ambassador of the German Pop Art" follows Peter Wolframm since early 2009, his solo project. The claim to be able to pursue his solo project further boosted, Peter's creativity. His works are now mature, full of tension and expressive than ever before. For the first time he now all of his own desires and goals achieved as a visual artist.

After a short time, he also recorded his solo project "Peter Wolframm - Rock Art" great success. First successful exhibitions in and around Cologne, Hamburg and in Timmendorfer beach agree with him. Peter is now exclusively Wolframm and nationally presented in various galleries. His next line is to be representing it in other countries. But he has now been entrusted to an artist management.

Peter Wolframm lives in Viersen, his studio, he has settled into an old factory in Mönchengladbach.

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